From The Mobile Phone To The Mobile App

The Mobile phone is one of the most important commodities of today’s world. In the early days the mobile phone was used just to receive and take calls; then messaging was a added. Now, the mobile phone is no more as we know it, there has been tremendous amount of change and upgrade to the mobile phone. For more info, browse here.

The new word for a mobile phone is, a “Smartphone”. The smart phone has become a part of each and everyone’s daily life. A smartphone lets you do almost everything that no one would ever imagine. A Smartphone runs with the same principle of an operating system; there are many mobile operating systems in the market today that include: iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Symbian and Windows mobile. Applications or just “apps” are the main reason why these smartphones are so irresistible. Applications are a self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose. An application, especially as downloaded by a user to a mobile device. Apps can be used to locate a particular individual anywhere across the globe, tune a guitar and even check an individual’s heart rate. 

Applications are developed by independent app designers, professionals and corporations. These people provide the apps ready to be downloaded in markets and stores. These Apps maybe developed by big names in the mobile industry, but there is a minority of students who want to put out their skill and just have fun. 

Some students from various colleges and universities in London have created themed-apps to ease their daily lifestyle, also to contribute in helping everyone else; some of these young minds have even won competitions to prove that they are the future of app development. “University Apps” is a major creation by these students. UCL and London School of Economics use the app to help guide students to their campus, to know the various events, manage their school schedules and even for student interaction. 

The MedEdCases, from St. George’s University London, is good for practicing case scenarios. This mobile Lecture App will let medical students practice on 39 different cases; it lets them choose the intervention to be done and shows them the effect to the patient. 

There is also an award winning app for the social and political lives of the people of London. The King’s College students have exhibited their talent by creating an app out of scratch. PoliticsDirect is a political App that locates the user’s global location and uses it to find their local politicians and to review applicable information on certain political topics. This App was admired not only by the judges but also praised by the Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Such innovations not just by professionals but also by students should be an inspiration to create apps that lead to a better student life and build a sophisticated society. The truth can never be changed that, our children are the hope for the future. Investing in the mobile apps is therefore worthwhile for our children, and making them interested in the technology field could be an advantage to the parent.

Tech hubs Establishing / London Tech hubs for swift establishment

The tech city of London was developed from the requirement of rapid startups. One should not take it for another Silicon Valley, but it is undoubtedly something which people need to prepare themselves to deal with. The hard work of the jurisdiction to deal with the slowing economy are observed in the numerous developments in tech city, since 2011. The main player is the tech center point and helps to get investors in upcoming years by doing its best. This in turn can help to build a sense of confidence which is rather useful. The basic concept of all these Tech Hubs will be to have a useful environment where individuals with common interests and like thinking make and initiate plans for maximum output. This notion was developed by industrialist Elizabeth Varley and Mike Butcher a techie and soon became reality. Click here for more information.

This concept as like other ones was born from the need of having quality Tech Hubs. This need arose from the fact that the regular gathering in pubs or similar places wasn't productive enough and lacked the penetration force, compared to the need of the hour. The entire technology needed to be supported by the mentality of the group concerned. 

Google in the meanwhile enters the picture in 2012. The administration in the mean time helped the cause with a handsome amount of 50 million pounds. Bonhill road was the home of Google in this metropolis. This office was set up on a seven storey building and was open 24 X 7. This witnessed the entrance of big names like Amazon, Microsoft among others. This city offered the best of marketing organizations along with the massive financial market which in turn assisted to make this place one among the best for business and new house of thoughts. This was seen to help to extract finances aside from advertising the positives too. The prize money of 1 million pounds for the most promising new company. This aspect saw the rise in enthusiasm among the new corporations.

Tech hubs Establishing / London Tech hubs for quick establishment

The necessity of quick startups has seen the initiation of the tech city in London. This might not be very much resembling the Silicon Valley of the east nevertheless is doubtlessly a rising power. The birth of East London tech city since 2011 is the confirmation of the reality of the administration to haul the economy out of the present scenario. This core or the tech center points are contributory in attracting all hands on deck and large players, that will help in pulling in more business in the years to come. These courses of action serve to create a growth for the stream of trusts in this field. 

The whole thought of tech center was to bond like-minded people and have a conducive environment to offer most extreme comes back with the most extreme benefit. Business person Elizabeth Varley along with tech pundit Mike Butcher collaborated to set up this thought into actuality. Visit here for additional info.

This notion much like other popular ones was conceived from its necessity. The Tech Hubs were critically needed because there was no location where all the tech related people can get together with all the necessary services available. Such a place can't be like a restaurant rather it should have a very positive environment for the technology. Google in the mean time entered the scenario in the year 2012. A grand amount of 50 million pounds was granted to the Tech City development. In 2012, Google made its entry and opened its office near roundabout of Old Street at Bonhill Street. The magnificent administrative center of Google had seven floors and it remained opened 24/7. The collective effort of the best of advertising companies and the large financial market in London aided this project to take off without much problem and was the automatic preference for people in need of technology. This added benefit makes it a fantastic location for boosting business besides making it the perfect choice for the Tech City project. The 1 million pounds prize money for the most talented new entry was another aspect that boosted the morale. This saw the heavy enthusiastic and high level effort of the new businesses. 

London city is geographically located such that it made it a very best option and the requirement of Tech Hubs saw the idea coming into actuality. Keeping all this in mind one must bear in mind that the fear of failure loomed over in the beginning as with all other endeavors and the necessity of cash was evident. This is where Songkick, an organization providing news about live musical events came to the rescue to a large extent. This firm helped in raising around $18 million. This funds was raised from a company that was based in US, Seqoia Capital, who had been investing in Tech Hubs in London for the first time. These funds aided in several ways. The cash offered the required strength and also paved path for theencouraged further flow of money from investors that were not quite sure whether the project will be successful or not. One feature worth mentioning is the usual belief of the less aggressive nature of individuals related to this industry. This is a common belief that has to be dealt with to add some weightage to the idea and acquire more investors to come in.